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Impact of Climate Change on Nepal’s Agriculture Sector

As the climate changes and temperature rises, many areas in Nepal will be negatively impacted. One of the sectors that will have to make changes to adapt to climate change is the agriculture sector of Nepal. Most of the population, … Continue reading

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Extreme Flooding as an Impact on Climate Change

Essay 6: Select a potential impact of climate change on people in Nepal. What are the risks associated with the impact you selected? Who is at risk? Do the risks vary for different people or different places? How and why? … Continue reading

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Climate Risk & Resilience Lens: Landscape as Collaboration

The various components of a landscape interact with each other, and when this interaction is intentional, collaboration can ensue. A community of organisms, whether humans, animals, plants, etc, can interact with each other, as well as work together to harvest, … Continue reading

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🎺♩ ♪ Landscape as Self-Organization ♫ ♬ 🎷 (so jazzy)

Nam, Willow & Jessica. We will be taking a look at landscape through the lens of self-organization. More specifically, during our travel in Nepal, we will be looking for the physical evidence of self-organizing processes and human collaborations, with the … Continue reading

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Research Team Lens- Landscape as Culture

The Oxford Dictionary defines culture as “the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.” Comparing and contrasting trends in American culture with Nepali ideas, customs, and social behaviors will help us map the community landscape and … Continue reading

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Evaluating Climate Models

While we cannot be certain what will happen in the future, we have already begun to see changes in climate pattern. These changes will force the world to look at how we build infrastructure as well as community resilience to … Continue reading

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Timeline explanation: I choose a mix of political events as well as extreme weather events trying to demonstrate that there is a link between policy and climate change. Although there is no direct proof that these events were caused by … Continue reading

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18th Century- Industrial Revolution of the Western World December 11, 1997- Kyoto Protocol               – UNFCCC founded 2006- China overtakes USA as world’s largest carbon emitter April 25, 2015- Earthquake in Nepal 7.8 May 12, 2015- Aftershock 7.3 April 22, … Continue reading

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Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal: Monsoon Variability

Nepal, with its fragile geology and steep topography, is the 20th most disaster-prone country in the world (Dangal 2). With the additional impact of changing climate, this area, that highly prone to disasters, is greatly impacted. Because of climate change, … Continue reading

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Agricultural Infrastructure Adaptation Through Irrigation

Emma Brown, Sarah House, Nam Nguyen Sector: Agriculture and Rural Development Adaptation Type: This low regret program addresses current water access issues, while also preparing for potential future challenges and building capacity in this area. Executive Summary:  The Irrigation and … Continue reading

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