Rachel Gilbert

Class year: 2012
Major: Environmental Studies
Mosaic Research Project: From Adam and Eve to Adams County: A history of the American apple

Alexandra Kaye

Class year:2013
Major: Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies,  Anthropology
Mosaic Research Project: Migrants on the Move: A Study of Movement Patterns of Latino Migrant Farmworkers on the East Coast of the United States

Jane Luceno

Class year: 2013
Major: Biology
Mosaic Research Project: Emerging Seats at the Table: Understanding Settlement, Migrant Farm Labor, and the Experiences of the Latino Community in Adams County, Pennsylvania through Food and Related Social Services

Marilyn Romero

Class year: 2012
Major: Spanish, Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies
Mosaic Research Project: Through Our Eyes: Voices of the Latino Community through Their Own Photography and the Photovoice Blog

Joe Benz

Class year: 2012
Major: History
Mosaic Research Project:
The Evolution of American Family Farming and the History of the Lott Family

Daniela Castejon

Class year: 2012
Major:Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies

Trevor Cohen

Class year: 2012
Major: Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies, International Studies
Mosaic Research Project: Adaptation, Survival, and the Guatemalan Experience at Bonnie Brae

Aidan Gaughran

 Class year: 2013
Major: Latin America/Latino/Caribbean Studies

Charlotte Jones

Class year: 2013
Major: Spanish, Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies
Mosaic Research Project: The Lives of Latino Farmworkers

Jeanne Muller

Class year: 2013
Major: Law and Policy
Mosaic Research Project: The Mexican “Dream”: Mexican Migration to Adams County, Pennsylvania

Carolina Vallejo

Class year: 2013
Major: Women and Gender Studies, Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies
Mosaic Research Project: A Snapshot of Language and Education in Adams County, PA