The Race and Education Mosaic would not have been possible without the help and support of many people. We would like to acknowledge and give a special thank you to all of the families in King William’s Town – the Mbolompos, Grootbooms, Joostes, Pilisos, Ristows, Mnyaizas and Shabihs– for graciously hosting our students.  Similo Grootboom’s assistance in organizing and setting up meetings for us with the schools in King was especially helpful. We would also like to thank Luvuyo Ponono for giving us a local’s insight into King William’s Town and for always being in high spirits when taking us from place to place. We would also like to thank Vuyo Bikitsha and Vuyokazi Duna from the Steve Biko Center in Ginsburg for providing us with a great space to meet and work on our projects, Lumkile Zani and Sinazo Makawula from Equal Education, and the Department of Education in King William’s Town. Thank you to all of the schools who opened their doors to us and to the students, faculty, and administrators who participated in the interviews. Last, but certainly not least, Professors Jeremy Ball and Sarah Bair deserve special acknowledgements for their outstanding leadership which made this Mosaic such a success.

P.S. Thank you to the staff of Nando’s for greeting us with smiles every day despite our constant orders of coffee and tea!



Host Families at the Braai


Lu Vuyo and his wife during Women's Day at the Eastern Cape Parliament

Luvuyo and his wife during Women’s Day at the Eastern Cape Parliament