Course Description/Overview of Venezuela Research Trip with Dickinson College
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Sociology/Economics 214

Venezuela: Democracy, Development, and the Bolivarian Process
Professors Susan Rose and Sinan Koont

This course provides both an historical background and first-hand exposure to the new model of participatory democracy, endogenous development, and regional integration that is evolving in contemporary Venezuela. With a focus on contemporary social, economic, and political realities of Venezuela, the course begins with a brief history of Venezuela in the context of Latin and North American history, and then focuses on the Bolivarian process.

Readings, lectures, and films during the 1/2 credit course in the fall semester 2006 prepared students to do their own research projects in Venezuela during January 2007. As part of the Winterim in Venezuela, students had the opportunity to do field work, service-learning projects, interviews, and video documentary projects. To complete the second 1/2 credit course in the spring, students returned to campus to integrate, analyze, and present their research.


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