China Practicum Mosaic 2018

Current research on China’s rural villages usually asks what migrants have contributed economically to villages and sociocultural change in rural life. We take a different tack: in the…

Patagonia Mosaic Photographic Collection



Montserrat Mosaic 2005

This program is an interdisciplinary blend of sociology and geology in which the students are researching individual and collective trauma and studying the geology of cataclysmic events. Students…


Nepal Mosaic 2017

For our research in Nepal we will interview and convene focus group discussions with a variety of stakeholders who are affected by climatic risks and have roles in…

Natural History Mosaic 2016



Meltdowns and Waves 2016

This website is meant to serve as an interactive guide through the TMI and Fukushima nuclear accidents, our findings about their effects and our opinions on the continued…


Mediterranean Migration Mosaic 2016

The Mediterranean has witnessed the circulation of ideas, people, and goods between Northern Africa and Southern Europe across the centuries. Both during times of conflict and cooperation, colonization,…


Race and Education Mosaic 2015

entieth century, South African schools were rigidly segregated by race in a system of Apartheid. The anti-Apartheid movement made equal access to education a foundational aspect of their struggle…


Inequality in Brazil Mosaic 2015

This course takes a critical look at the layers of Brazilian society that shape, construct, and inhibit life outcomes in terms of in/equality. Dickinson students will be asked…


Global Climate Change Mosaic: COP 20 2014

Dickinson College’s 2014 Global Climate Change Mosaic offered students the opportunity to explore multiple dimensions of climate change as part of an interdisciplinary research team that attended the…



The Eco-E Path Mosaic is a globally integrated, intensive research initiative of Dickinson College centering on the study of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Dickinson is a leader in the study…


Mediterranean Migration Mosaic 2013

The Mediterranean has witnessed the circulation of ideas, people, and goods between Northern Africa and Southern Europe across the centuries. Both during times of conflict and cooperation, colonization,…

Natural History Mosaic 2012

One of the best was to study any body of literature is by way of master practitioners of the craft of writing. These writers emphasize the role played…


Cuba Mosaic 2012

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Cuba, a small (however the biggest) island nation in the Caribbean, with a population of 11 million, is facing major challenges as…


COP17 Interview Database 2011

This Dickinson COP17 Interview Database is a searchable video archive of interviews with delegates to the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate…

The Mexican Migration and Apple Mosaic 2011

The Mexican Migration and Apple Mosaic is the third in a series of Mexican Mosaics focusing on migrant labor and the apple industry in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Coursework…


Venezuela Mini Mosaic 2009

During the 2008-2009 Academic Year, Professors Jenn Halpin (The College Farm, Environmental Studies) and Susan Rose (Sociology) offered an ethnographic field course addressing sustainable agricultural systems and cooperative…

COP 15 Database 2009

The 15th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15) took place in December 2009 and our delegation filmed as much of it as we could! Our team interviewed…

South Asian Mosiac 2009

Immigrants from the Indian subcontinent have arrived to the US in increasing numbers since the 1965 immigration reform. This population is quite diverse, speaking many different languages, originating…


Comparative Black Liberation Mosaic 2008

The Comparative Black Liberation in South Africa and Mississippi examined two of the most internationally significant black liberation movements of the 20th century: the anti-apartheid movement in South…


Venezuela Mini Mosaic 2007

This course provides both an historical background and first-hand exposure to the new model of participatory democracy, endogenous development, and regional integration that is evolving in contemporary Venezuela….

Patagonia Mosaic 2005



Mexican Migration 2003

Dickinson students and faculty in the Mexican Migration Mosaic worked with communities in Adams County, Pennsylvania and Peribán in Michoacán, Mexico. These communities, which lie on opposite ends…

Patagonia Mosaic 2003


faces of steelton

Steelton Mosaic 2001

The 2001 Mosaic is the second community-college collaboration between Dickinson students and the Steelton community. Students will document aspects of work, family, religious life, ethnic and racial relations,…

Patagonia Mosaic 2001



Steelton Mosaic 1996

The American Mosaic-Steelton Project was an experiment in multicultural education. During the spring 1996, some 25 students and 3 faculty from Dickinson College came together with workers, teachers,…


Mexican Migration Mosaic 1998

The American Mosaic Project is an intensive, semester-long program designed around fieldwork immersion in a local, multicultural community.  The 1998 Mosaic focused on migrant labor in Adams County,…