The Eco-E Path Mosaic is a globally integrated, intensive research initiative of Dickinson College centering on the study of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Dickinson is a leader in the study and practice of sustainability, and in recent years, there has been increased student interest in studying the intersection of business and sustainability.

The goal of our Mosaic is twofold. 1) To engage students in the study of Sustainable Entrepreneurship, that is applying business practices in innovative ways to address social and/or environmental issues. 2) To develop a curricular initiative in Sustainable Entrepreneurship that may be added to Dickinson’s current offerings. To accomplish the first goal, students are enrolled in three courses related to the study of Sustainable Entrepreneurship: American Environmental History, Best Practices in Business Sustainability, and Education for Entrepreneurs. Our second goal will be accomplished by a series of interviews conducted by the students, as well as a week long field research trip to Arizona to visit institutions with established programs in entrepreneurship and sustainability.

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