My trip to Comodoro Rivadavia was something I will never forget! Everyday I learned and experienced new things about life in Argentina, and was exposed to a culture that previously I knew little about. My host parents were extremely generous and were key to making the most my experience abroad – to them I am eternally grateful!

I think that the most valuable part of my experience was not only learning about another way of life, but also learning more about other people’s views of the United States. Seeing a new perspective on North Americans allowed me to ask important questions about my role as a United States citizen and how my country influences other countries around the world. This process, although challenging, was probably one of the most important learning experiences I have ever encountered, and has certainly impacted and in many ways changed my world view. My participation in the Patagonia Mosaic has changed me forever, and I will always have a special place in my heart for the people of Comodoro Rivadavia!

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