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examine issues of identity and acculturation among Indian populations in the U.S.

Entries for April, 2009

Mukund Kulkarni

Dr. Mukund Kulkarni Profile by Ashley K. Peel Video Recording by Susan Rose Interview conducted on 4/16/09, Carlisle, PA Mukund Kulkarni left his hometown Maharashtra, India to pursue his education in the United States. Mukund came to the United States in July 1976 at the age of 28. He took a transnational flight to JFK […]

Nirmal and Renu Joshi

Nirmal and Renu Joshi Interview and Profile by Kesang Nepali Video Recording by Tara Bhattacharyya Interview conducted on 4/2/09, Mechanicsburg, PA Drs. Nirmal and Renu Joshi are from the capital city of India, Delhi. Nirmal grew up in the hill resort town of Nainital and went to a Catholic school there. Renu was born, brought […]

Lakshmi Shrikantia

Lakshmi Shrikantia Interview and Profile by Sunnie Ko Audio Recording by Sunnie Ko Interview conducted on 3/31/09, Hummlestown, PA Lakshmi Shrikantia is an Indian-American born in the city of Hyderabad, India. After dreaming of immigrating to the United States, she and her husband packed their entire life and started a new life in the year […]

Bupinder Sahi

Bupinder Sahi Interview by Ashley Peel Profile and Video Recording by Tara Bhattacharyya Interview conducted on: 3/31/09, Carlisle, PA Bupinder Sahi was born into a Sikh family in a part of the Punjab which became part of Pakistan after the partition between India and Pakistan in1947. During partition, Bupinder and his family were forced to […]

Kanti and Hansa Jasani

Kanti and Hansa Jasani Interview and Profile by Lia Choyce Interview conducted on 3/26/09, Harrisburg, PA Kanti and Hansa Jasani are from Baroda, in Gujarat, a state in the western part of India, attending college there as well. Mr. Jasani’s degree is in Textiles, and Mrs. Jasani’s degrees are in Economics and Banking. Mr. Jasani […]

Ashok and Maya Shukla

Ashok and Maya Shukla Interview and Profile by Ashley K. Peel Video Recording by Tara Bhattacharyya Interview conducted on 3/25/09 in Camp Hill, PA Ashok and Maya Shukla immigrated to the U.S. from Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. Ashok came to the United States around 1966, and Maya came in 1969. They both […]