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examine issues of identity and acculturation among Indian populations in the U.S.

Entries for May, 2009

Amita Nayyar

Amita Nayyar Interview and Profile by Tara Bhattacharyya Video Recording by Tara Bhattacharyya Interview conducted on 4/23/09, Camp Hill, PA Amita Nayyar was born in New Delhi, the capital of India. In the late 60s, Amita‚Äôs father came home one day with a U.S. visa, which he won in a lottery, entitling him to emigrate […]

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel Interview and Profile by Lia Choyce Video Recording by Sunnie Ko Interview conducted on 4/27/09, Harrisburg, PA Sagar Patel is a second generation Indian-American born and raised in Harrisburg, PA. His parents immigrated to America from Gujarat, India in the early 1970s, to pursue education and the dream of a land of opportunity. […]