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Climate Risk & Resilience Lens: Landscape as Collaboration

The various components of a landscape interact with each other, and when this interaction is intentional, collaboration can ensue. A community of organisms, whether humans, animals, plants, etc, can interact with each other, as well as work together to harvest, … Continue reading

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Landscape as History

Students in Dickinson have commonly heard about how historical Carlisle is and about how Dickinson was the first college established after the Civil War ended. For this assignment, I went into town and looked at some of the places within … Continue reading

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A view of Briton Plaza through the lense of landscape as ideology

Humans are social creatures that are drawn towards self-organization, establishing social norms and decreasing anarchy within the system. This idea is prevalent in our daily life, from the community level, to the larger-scale society and governmental institutions. Even since the … Continue reading

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Observing a Scene

I am interpreting Britton Plaza through the lens as of a landscape as a habitat. ¬†Britton plaza has been constructed to fit the exact needs of college students. ¬†The space reflects the values of the group of students that attend … Continue reading

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